Benjamin Hite


How's it going? My name is Ben, and I'm an enthusiast for all things web. I've been doing web development for quite a while now and I'm all about HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript, and jQuery. These technologies allow me to do great things on the web. I will use this website to talk about my projects, and to post projects that I have done. If you would like to work together on your next project contact me.

Current Project

Right now I'm making a website for VSI Waterworks. The website is fully responsive. This means that the webpage adapts to the size of the users screen. This makes the website compatible with almost all major devices. I am building the website with the Bootstrap framework. The website has side menu on the left side of the page. The product section of the menu has several categories and sub-categories. If you click on a category the sub-categories appear. The categories slide out to the left and in from the right, and if the user returns to the previous page the opposite animation occurs. This brief and subtle animation aids the user in navigating the menu. It visually helps them know where they are navigating. The menu also remembers the where you are in the menu as you navigate through the website. This is accomplished through the use of cookies. The website has a clean flat color design, that is easy to read. The layout displays the information so the user can easily find the content they desire without much effort. This website is currently in progress so there are some uncompleted pages, and there may be some bugs.